Our Ethics Workshop has received an increasing amount of recognition over the last 2 years since its creation, as we understand the content of the workshop to be relevant to the UK Graduate market in how it can be tailored to undergraduates and post-graduates wishing to enhance their employability skills and professional knowledge in general. Many student collectives and University Societies, such as York Bright Futures Society have been pleased to bring this workshop to their University and in return we have seen some real value in the delivery. The York Bright Futures Committee are a very organised, welcoming and friendly group of students who are great to work with. Their willingness to coordinate an event with the most modern facilities and resources to access just makes things a whole lot easier to deliver an activity with the quality that is expected overall.
James Johnson
Business Relationship Manager, ACCA
I think overall the session went really well and hopefully the Bright Futures students left with a sense of achievement and appreciation of how they achieve results from working to effectively solve problems in a team, a skill we at PwC use all the time. 
Gayle Cosker
Consultant, PwC
The Bright Futures York team were very helpful in organising our event, sorting all aspects in advance and a strong number of the committee turned up on the evening to ensure everything went smoothly. The group are well focused and I am confident they will achieve sustained growth to become a real force on campus and a great platform for hosting company events.
Will Sargeant
Consultant, Qedis
It was great to get to revisit the university and hopefully some of the guys that attended take the next steps and send off an application. 
Daniel Brown
Consultant, Accenture

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