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How to do business in China/Absolute Internship

Our second event of the academic year took place on 13th November and was run with Absolute Internship; a company who facilitate work experience in Asia across a variety of sectors. The event had a strong turnout and attracted students from a range of different degree courses which was fantastic to see.

Fredrik and Aurélie, the co-founders of Absolute Internship, shared their experiences of working in China and the challenges they faced in establishing their company. This was insightful and informative; making for good discussion during the networking session after the presentation.

Here is what Fredrik had to say: “We are both so grateful that we could visit the University of York and have the opportunity to speak to students at a Bright Futures event. We would like to thank the committee for their hard work and help with arranging the event. We are glad that it was so successful for both Bright Futures York and Absolute Internship”.

This was the first time that Bright Futures York has ever worked with Absolute Internship and after this success we very much look forward to collaborating again in the future!


How to get the best Graduate Job!

Our first event of a brand new term had the headline title of ‘How to get the Best Graduate Job’ . It was a presentation given by the Bright Futures National Manager Jackie Jobes. It was extremely insightful and a fantastic introduction to the long and sometimes complicated process of making applications as many people in the room were about to start applying for graduate jobs or internships. After the presentation biscuits and fruit juice were enjoyed by all and there was the chance to chat to Jackie to pick up vital tips on applications and also network with other like minded people. Finally the event gave a few people the chance to express their interest in joining the committee for this year.

Following this we are now delighted to welcome the following new members to the 3rd Bright Futures York Committee Team.

They are:
Nik Mandalia as secretary
Edgars Šmatovs and Anton Gospodinov as Corporate Liaison Officers
and finally Lilita Viksne as another Events Officer to work with Patsy Lee

Good luck to all of them and we look forward to successful year!



The academic year for Bright Futures York begun with the YUSU Fresher’s fair. There was a buzzing atmosphere with new faces wandering Roger Kirk all searching for extracurricular opportunities from the obscure and bizarre to the sensible and smart (us) to get involved in! We were there with our bright blue ‘Your hired’ shirts promoting Bright Futures which undoubtedly attracted people to the stall to sign up! As the day progressed we got higher and higher levels of interest in our stall correlating to more and more sign ups. We ended the day with 251 enthusiastic new members – a fantastic achievement!

Our first event was on the following Tuesday titled: How to get the best graduate job. The Fresher’s Fair was the perfect opportunity to promote this. We made small colour promotional cards outlining the details of our first event as well as information about our social media channels and were a fantastic aid.

There were some people who had heard of Bright Futures before, and they quickly gravitated towards us and were desperate to sign up as well as browsers who were going around looking for ‘society value’. All those who had not heard of Bright Futures before, after speaking to one of our committee members liked what they heard and led to us having a very high conversion rate.

Hopeful this fantastic freshers fair is a prelude to an even better year for Bright Futures York.

The 2012/2013 Committee

Deloitte – Assessment Centre & Interview Skills


Our seventh event completely packed out our usual room for the first time since the start of term, and a good thing it was too. Deloitte brought along eight company representatives from their Consulting, Audit and Tax departments, along with Deloitte scholars currently at York – and they all had engaged students to talk to; a perfect situation!

Darren Page, a senior recruiter at Deloitte, gave a comprehensive explanation of the application process, along with answering student enquiries along the way. Individual aspects of the interview and the core competencies that they expect to see from graduates were explored, which allowed students a rare insight into the application process before they experienced it for real.

Overall, the emphasis for interviews seemed to lie on providing students with a platform for them to display their competencies and motivation in the best way possible – trick or random questions were out of the ordinary, although the ever present “what are you weaknesses” question still remained unanswered, providing insight that it is generally student’s thought processes which interviewers are looking at, rather than the specifics of the answer.

As part of a half-time activity, students were able to split into small groups and try out sample competency questions on each other, with a Deloitte representative on hand to give advice on how to plan and give a great answer.

Students had their questions answered on other parts of the process, such as the E-tray and group exercises, and the ability to chat informally at the end of the session, making it one of our best attended and informative events to date!

Accenture: Introduction to Management Consultancy

One of our more high-profile events brought a former York student back for Accenture’s presentation on the management consultancy industry, and a whopping 45 attendees for our society. We found having a former student made the presentation more enjoyable, as Daniel mentioned activities he had participated in York that he talked about in his interviews, along with making it slightly more personal and something that current students could associate with.

Throughout the session, Daniel covered the roles of a management consultant and the different type of consultancy (e.g. management, I.T and outsourcing) that Accenture deliver; what skills are needed in the industry (such as commercial awareness, communication, confidence, analytical skill and leadership); the career path in such a field and application process.

Members were put into group to work on a case study and help create awareness of the skills necessary for the role of a consultant and develop them further. Delving into a simple concept such as a petrol filling station brought up an amazing amount of analysis to be completed when considering supply chain management, marketing, customer relationship management, financing, etc. It gave members a real feel for the types of questions they would be asking, and then trying to answer for a client when completing reports and providing suggestions on where they could expand to, how they could change their processes, etc.

It was great to get to revisit the university and hopefully some of the guys that attended take the next steps and send off an application.” – Daniel Brown, Accenture

Informal Chat with a Former York Student and McKinsey Consultant

This was the first of our events that had been initiated through the York Alumni Linkedin account. The speaker was Arif Kadir, graduating in 2001, he now works for one of the most prestigious firms in the global consulting industry: McKinsey & Company. Normally based in Houston, luckily for us Arif was on a case in the UK for three weeks and made the trip up to York on Saturday the 11th. An event on the weekend, and in a new informal, intimate format never before trialled, we didn’t know what to expect.

After a last minute change of location to V Bar, and seven on-the-ball attendees, we got the event underway. We started with introductions, after which Arif gave his. Something we found out through discussion was that Arif had started the UN Society while at York and, it was a nice coincidence, that two students attending were current members of that very same society.

We talked about the benefits of being employed in the consulting industry in general, such as the fact that you’re constantly exposed to leading edge thought at several levels, both internally and externally. In addition to this Arif added that the travel is fantastic and that through his job he has been to many parts of the World.

After talking about what it was actually like to work for McKinsey, we discussed the application process and quite how you go about getting a job from a top employer such as McKinsey. Arif’s main advice for consulting interviews was that he could not overstress the importance of excelling at the case study section (He also recommended using a study guide, such as Crack the Case).

The conversation moved, after some hot drinks, to the MBA admissions process, as well as Arif’s time working in the oil and gas industry. The questions kept flooding in (we actually overran!) as everyone was really engaging with what Arif, and other members of the group had to say.

After many handshakes, Arif’s main piece of advice was that, if you wanted to work for a company such as McKinsey, you should not live your life to get into business school. You need to do what you like and, most importantly, you need to do it well. If you can demonstrate that you have succeeded in your endeavours then you have a good shot.