What is Bright Futures?

In a nutshell, Bright Futures York is a student-run, careers focused events society. We utilise the support of the national Bright Futures organisation to contact and arrange events with recruitment advisors in many of the biggest graduate recruiters in the UK.

Bright Futures societies are present in over 50 of the top universities in the UK, including Oxbridge, LSE, Imperial, Durham and Warwick. This national network allows all corporate investors of Bright Futures to access a membership base of the most active and engaged students on campus, and in turn, allows you to get to know the people who will be vetting your applications.

Our aim is to educate and inform students at York about application processes at different firms, how to do well in their interviews andassessment centres, along with improving your ‘soft skills’ (presentation, communication, team-working, leadership etc) with informative workshops.

We are not directly affiliated with any other society or group on campus, but recognise that many play an important part in improving life skills, experience and knowledge, so our events calendar reflects this. We take the best events happening on campus and publicise them to a wider audience, beyond departments and degree courses, to ensure that as many students as possible get their ‘competitive edge’ when applying for jobs.

What do we do?

Our recent events have been: an assessment centre workshop with Nestle, entrepreneurship event with the York CETLE and a case study/informational workshop with Accenture. Each event is tailored so students can students can learn more about a particular company, openly ask any relevant questions they may have, and often partake in a case study or skills exercise.

We hope to increase the range and number of events we put on in the coming months, and with our increasing number of contacts in different industries this a target we are immediately working toward.

Why should you join?

Academic achievement is not the only factor that employers look for when recruiting for graduates. With record levels of students attending university, and a high proportion graduating with a 2.1 or better, you need to stand out of the crowd. Joining Bright Futures will ensure that you do.

With Bright Futures you will:

  • Learn the essential skills every top employer demands
  • Be taught the industry secrets the university neglects
  • Network with top employers who want to recruit Bright Futures members
  • Have access to work opportunities and exclusive competitions employers don’t advertise
  • Have the confidence to stand out at job interviews
  • Your Bright Futures profile also grants you access to a monthly e-newsletter full of exclusive information from employers, targeted emails from organisations interested in you and access to national Bright Futures events.

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