Retro Gaming with Thales 20th January 2014

ThalesBright Futures York ran a groundbreaking ‘Retro Gaming’ event with Thales on Monday 20th January. Thales are a French multinational electronic systems and engineering firm with operations across defense, security, aerospace and transportation sectors.

The event began with a short presentation by Thales’ employee Gemma Minish, introducing the company and outlining their graduate opportunities. Students clearly engaged with the informative and interesting talk, with the number of questions at the end leading to an extended networking period with Gemma, enjoyed with refreshments provided by Bright Futures.

Following this, we were then given the opportunity to try both retro and modern gaming competitions! The Nintendo Classics of Goldeneye and Mario Kart were fired up, with both the skills and the big-talking of certain players providing plenty of fun and laughter.  The fantastic 3Sixty demonstration room in the Ron Cooke Hub was also utilised, projecting the Xbox Kinect onto 4 20ft walls and allowing students to play virtual ten pin bowling, boxing, football and more on a scale most of us had never seen before!

17 York students from the Electronics, Computer Science and Physics departments attended. Thales were extremely impressed with both the quirky nature of the event and the numbers of students attracted. They plan to use it as a template for further events in future, and we in York are very much hoping to welcome them back next academic year.

Students who came to this event not only got vital information about the company but also fed back how much fun they had. In the future, we will organise more events like this to attract more students from different departments in order to grow our society outside its traditional comfort zone.

For those interested in events held by us in the future, please keep up to date by liking the Bright Futures York Facebook page here:

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