How to become a lawyer with BPP Law School 16th January 2014


On the 16th January Bright Futures York hosted the BPP Law School, one of the largest legal education providers in the country. Jo-Anne Pugh and David Norris, both former solicitors and current tutors at BPP, revealed key information and inside stories of the legal industry, describing what it’s really like to work as a lawyer and the most successful ways into the industry. The event,targeted at non-lawyers but open to students from all backgrounds, attracted 79 students.

The evening started with a brief introduction of the legal system. The differing types of chambers and practicewere detailed and a description of the professional characteristics and requirements of a lawyer provedthought-provoking for those considering careers in the sector. Jo-Anne and David then presented us with an overview of BPP’s reputable programmes (including the LLB, GDL, LPC for prospective solicitors and the BPTC for prospective barristers) before sharing tips and tricks for getting a training contract, and a little of their own personal experiences. Their overview of the legalindustry was thorough and incredibly interesting, and thelively Q&A session afterwards ran into overtime!

Thanks to BPP for giving us a wonderful evening and all the Bright Futures members who attended! Due to the enormous success of his event we would very much like  to put on some more events in the future specifically aimed at those not studying the subject at degree level. To get more information about the BPP Law School, you may visit:


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