Absolute Internship 28th November 2013

A small but highly engaged group of students came to P/T/005 on a cold Thursday evening for our final event of 2014 with Absolute Internship.  This capped off a hugely successful first term of the academic year which featured 3 top employers, a ground breaking collaboration event with Econsoc attended by just under 100 people and a growth in our membership base to over 1200 people!

A fascinating presentation from Aurélie, Co-director of Absolute Internship was delivered in two parts. Firstly she explained in detail about the culture of business communication in China  and the importance of Guanxi. Secondly, she shared her own experiences and talked more generally about the boost to your CV that international work experience can bring and why students should consider Absolute Internship. Extremely insightful testimonials was then given by two people who had successfully completed the internship scheme with both having had hugely rewarding experiences.

A lively networking sessions followed the presentations which Aurélie had to be dragged away from to catch her train! This was accompanied by cookies, mince pies, crisps and and fruit juice!

“Thanks for hosting me this evening….lots of interest among students which I thank you and your team for”. Aurélie Co-director Absolute Internship

Thanks for your continued support of our events and we look forward to seeing you in the new year. 

To find out more about internship opportunities with Absolute Internship check out their website. http://www.absoluteinternship.com/

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