Hiscox Insight Evening 18th November 2013



Around 20 students from York and Leeds joined Hiscox Insight Event on Monday evening (18th Nov). The FTSE 250 insurance provider welcomed many well-prepared and dressed in suits students to give them valuable insight into the company’s business and the industry as a whole. The event took place in York where Hiscox have recently opened their new temporary office which is their second biggest in the country now. They will in due course move into a new purpose built premises nearby, where 400 employees will be based.

The evening began with introduction from the CFO of the firm, Stuart Bridge. He also answered many questions including one about the key challenges that the company will face in the near future and also he explained in depth details about the current insurance market. After that, two of the recent graduates in the company, were invited to share with the audience their experience on the workplace and some day-to-day tasks. Then followed a networking session with many employees of the firm including some managers as well. A big variety of drinks and sandwiches were offered to all attendees. Everyone from Hiscox was extremely friendly and shared a lot of useful tips on how to stand out at the assessment centres and how to make most of the internship or graduation job, giving you an idea of what kind of activities you can expect to do while working for the company.

Later on during the evening, everyone was given the opportunity to participate in case-study type exercise. We worked in groups on real claims that Hiscox is facing every day. Our task was to discuss and make out most of the information we were given about a particular client and to decide whether to insure him. We were provided with a set of facts about the individual and it was expected from us to ask particular questions in order to evaluate the claim and to determine the risk if the client get insurance.  We had the chance to hear each group’s cases, which helped us to gain even more insight about Hiscox’s business and the challenges they face every day.

Thanks to Bright Futures investor Hiscox for hosting a fantastic evening and to the York students who attended.

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