Share My Internship Live! Monday 11th November 2013

Share My Internship Live!

Share My Internship Live!

Just under 100 York students converged on Monday 11th November to learn of the experiences of other students fortunate enough to complete internships with a host of different employers from a range of sectors. Bright Futures and Econsoc teamed up to produce the event and make the most of the fantastic networking opportunities on offer at the University within the student population itself.

Interns representing the likes of Lloyds, J.P Morgan, Nestle, Government Economic Service, Ernst and Young and Santander delivered presentations on the details of what positions employers have to offer and how to secure them in an increasingly competitive labour market. The subject matter covered included tips on how to stand out at assessment centres, how to make the most of internships and the type of tasks you can expect to take on while completing them.

This was followed by an extremely useful Q and A session where our panel were frank and honest about what working for their respective employer entailed and in the advice they gave to the students attending.

Finally, attendees were given the opportunity to network with one another and the interns over the all-important pizza and drinks. At this point the speakers were joined by additional networkers including those who had completed internships including with Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Kings Park Capital and Raleigh/International Citizen Service.

Special thanks goes to the Careers Service for providing funding for the successful running of the event as well as to our speakers and networkers.

For those unable to make the event but interested in the opportunities offered by graduate employers keep up to date with future events by liking the Bright Futures Facebook page.

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