Group exercises with Bank of England and Econsoc 15th Oct 2013!


Around 50 students joined the Bright Futures Committee and a representative from the Bank of England on Monday to find out what one of the most influential central banks in the world has to offer undergraduates interested in a career on Threadneedle Street. Students from a host of disciplines were given a debrief in the opportunities available at the Bank, ranging from summer internships to graduate positions and even post-graduate sponsorship.

As one of the Bank’s newly-targeted universities, attendees were also fortunate enough to be given tips on how to stand out at the Bank’s testing recruitment group exercises, designed to wean out the strengths and weakness of each candidate.

Everyone was given the opportunity to participate as well as observe others taking part in the exercise—a stranded-island-type-critical-thinking game— giving students a unique window into how recruiters at the Bank assess candidates for its highly-competitive positions.

Thanks to Cat from BofE, Econsoc for their assistance with promoting and everyone who came to the event!

More information about the Bank of England’s graduate recruitment programme can be found here:

For those interested in a career in finance, perhaps in the private sector, please do attend our much-anticipated drinks and canapés event with PWC this Monday, for which places are filling up quickly here: . PWC will be joined by Pinsent Mason for the budding-lawyers of the University also.

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