How to do business in China/Absolute Internship

Our second event of the academic year took place on 13th November and was run with Absolute Internship; a company who facilitate work experience in Asia across a variety of sectors. The event had a strong turnout and attracted students from a range of different degree courses which was fantastic to see.

Fredrik and Aurélie, the co-founders of Absolute Internship, shared their experiences of working in China and the challenges they faced in establishing their company. This was insightful and informative; making for good discussion during the networking session after the presentation.

Here is what Fredrik had to say: “We are both so grateful that we could visit the University of York and have the opportunity to speak to students at a Bright Futures event. We would like to thank the committee for their hard work and help with arranging the event. We are glad that it was so successful for both Bright Futures York and Absolute Internship”.

This was the first time that Bright Futures York has ever worked with Absolute Internship and after this success we very much look forward to collaborating again in the future!

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