York Alumni5 – 5 – Andrew Gilbert

Today we say hello to Andrew Gilbert……

1. What did you read at York and why?  Economics.  Widely applicable to numerous positions through numeracy and understanding of world economy.  It was also a subject which I felt motivated to pursue.  I read a wide array of authors around multiple fields of Economics including Development Economics, Health Economics, Behavioural Economics, Economic History etc.  Everything in this world affects everything, so you need to be open to influence from multiple fields and widen your knowledge wherever possible.

2. What are your favourite memories from university?  Walking around the lake with my future wife, late at night.  Chilling out playing pool in Vanbrugh common room.

3. When did you graduate and who do you work for now?  July 2010.  I now work for a discretionary manager/solution provider in Bath and help manage approx £500m.

4. What do you do on a day to day basis in your job? Wide array of responsibilities as small to medium sized firm.  Common responsibilities include quantitative analysis, meeting fund managers, analysing markets, relationship management with Advisors, writing articles for publication in investment magazines and improving our website coding to improve the overall customer service.  There really isn’t a ‘normal’ day and I thrive off the additional responsibility and room for an innovative approach.

5. What advice do you have for current York students looking to gain employment in your field/for your company?  Learn as many skills and get as much experience in your field as you can, they are all transferrable.  Pick a job in which you have a genuine interest and a natural skill advantage as it will shine through in your interviews.  Do everything you can to differentiate yourself from others seeking employment and most importantly, don’t give up.  It took me close to 20 interviews before I found an opportunity and now I love it.  With so many people looking for jobs at the same time, you have to be passionate, skilled and resilient.  If you keep trying someone will notice.

Email: Andrew.Gilbert@Parmenion.co.uk

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