The academic year for Bright Futures York begun with the YUSU Fresher’s fair. There was a buzzing atmosphere with new faces wandering Roger Kirk all searching for extracurricular opportunities from the obscure and bizarre to the sensible and smart (us) to get involved in! We were there with our bright blue ‘Your hired’ shirts promoting Bright Futures which undoubtedly attracted people to the stall to sign up! As the day progressed we got higher and higher levels of interest in our stall correlating to more and more sign ups. We ended the day with 251 enthusiastic new members – a fantastic achievement!

Our first event was on the following Tuesday titled: How to get the best graduate job. The Fresher’s Fair was the perfect opportunity to promote this. We made small colour promotional cards outlining the details of our first event as well as information about our social media channels and were a fantastic aid.

There were some people who had heard of Bright Futures before, and they quickly gravitated towards us and were desperate to sign up as well as browsers who were going around looking for ‘society value’. All those who had not heard of Bright Futures before, after speaking to one of our committee members liked what they heard and led to us having a very high conversion rate.

Hopeful this fantastic freshers fair is a prelude to an even better year for Bright Futures York.

The 2012/2013 Committee

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