YorkAlumni5 – 2 – Chris Cermak

Another week brings another YorkAlumni5 blog entry!

Week 2 of YorkAlumni5 introduces us to journalist Chris Cermak…..

1. What did you read at York and why?
I received a BA In Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and an MA in Political Philosophy (TheIdea of Toleration). I liked the broad range of subjects on offer and the mix of both more practical and theoretical disciplines

2. What are your favourite memories from university? 
Well, Ziggy’s was once a normal night club with a terrific student night on Wednesdays. I hear it’s changed a bit since my time…
Otherwise, I loved the range of societies on offer around campus. I captained the tennis team and wrote and edited for the student newspaper York Vision. I fondly remember working through many nights helping to get the latest edition of York Vision ready to publish.

3. When did you graduate and who do you work for now?
I graduated in 2004 and now work as a reporter in Frankfurt for a financial newswire called MNI (Market News International). We specialize in covering the global economy and monetary policy for people that trade in bond and currency markets. We’re a headline news service, which means that aside from writing in-depth stories, we send out one-line ‘headlines’ live as the news breaks.

4. What do you do on a day to day basis in your job?
I primarily cover the European Central Bank, finance ministers and economic data from Germany and the wider Eurozone. I’m also responsible for a regular “Reality Check” column, where I interview business people on the continent to get a sense of how a certain sector of the economy (retail, recruiters, exports) is performing.

5. What advice do you have for current York students looking to gain employment in your field/for your company?
Get as much journalism experience as you can while still at university, in addition to gaining knowledge of a subject matter you might like to write about later on. Join York Vision and/or, if you must, some other sub-par competitor on campus like Nouse, URY or YSTV. Aside from summer internships, student journalism is by far the best hands-on experience you can get of what it’s like to work in the field. Breaking into journalism is tough and very competitive. Having strong clippings to go with your first job applications is your best chance to give potential employers an idea of what you can do, and show that you’ve long had a passion for the field.

Email: ccermak@mni-news.com

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