Deloitte – Assessment Centre & Interview Skills


Our seventh event completely packed out our usual room for the first time since the start of term, and a good thing it was too. Deloitte brought along eight company representatives from their Consulting, Audit and Tax departments, along with Deloitte scholars currently at York – and they all had engaged students to talk to; a perfect situation!

Darren Page, a senior recruiter at Deloitte, gave a comprehensive explanation of the application process, along with answering student enquiries along the way. Individual aspects of the interview and the core competencies that they expect to see from graduates were explored, which allowed students a rare insight into the application process before they experienced it for real.

Overall, the emphasis for interviews seemed to lie on providing students with a platform for them to display their competencies and motivation in the best way possible – trick or random questions were out of the ordinary, although the ever present “what are you weaknesses” question still remained unanswered, providing insight that it is generally student’s thought processes which interviewers are looking at, rather than the specifics of the answer.

As part of a half-time activity, students were able to split into small groups and try out sample competency questions on each other, with a Deloitte representative on hand to give advice on how to plan and give a great answer.

Students had their questions answered on other parts of the process, such as the E-tray and group exercises, and the ability to chat informally at the end of the session, making it one of our best attended and informative events to date!

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