Accenture: Introduction to Management Consultancy

One of our more high-profile events brought a former York student back for Accenture’s presentation on the management consultancy industry, and a whopping 45 attendees for our society. We found having a former student made the presentation more enjoyable, as Daniel mentioned activities he had participated in York that he talked about in his interviews, along with making it slightly more personal and something that current students could associate with.

Throughout the session, Daniel covered the roles of a management consultant and the different type of consultancy (e.g. management, I.T and outsourcing) that Accenture deliver; what skills are needed in the industry (such as commercial awareness, communication, confidence, analytical skill and leadership); the career path in such a field and application process.

Members were put into group to work on a case study and help create awareness of the skills necessary for the role of a consultant and develop them further. Delving into a simple concept such as a petrol filling station brought up an amazing amount of analysis to be completed when considering supply chain management, marketing, customer relationship management, financing, etc. It gave members a real feel for the types of questions they would be asking, and then trying to answer for a client when completing reports and providing suggestions on where they could expand to, how they could change their processes, etc.

It was great to get to revisit the university and hopefully some of the guys that attended take the next steps and send off an application.” – Daniel Brown, Accenture

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